PREV UP NEXT SCA Dance Cheat Sheets


Source: 15th century Italian; Joy and Jealousy

Setting: a three couple set

Version: 1.0

A: (2 bars in quadernaria (4/4), played twice, plus 2 more bars)

  1-2 (three times), 3-4 8 Saltarelli, starting left.

B: (3 bars in quadernaria (4/4), played twice.)

  5-6 Man 1 does 3 contrapassii (all left) around W1 to reverence
      left to W2,
    7 Man 2 Saltarello right to M1's place.
  5-6 Man 1 does 3 contrapassii (all left) around W2 to reverence
      left to W3.
    7 Man 3 Saltarello right to M2's place.

C: (1 bar in quadernaria (4/4).)

    8 Man 1 Saltarello right behind W1 to M3's place.

D: (2 bars in quadernaria (4/4), played twice.)

 9-10 (twice) (take hands) 8 Pive (starting left) (note double speed).

E: (1 bar in quadernaria (4/4), played 3 times.)

   11 (drop hands) Couple 1 piva left to mezavolta (turn 180 degrees to left),
   11 Couple 2 the same,
   11 Couple 3 the same, while all men mezavolta left to face up.
      (The women are now facing down, the men up.)

F: (3 bars in piva (2/4), played twice.)

12-14 (hold right hands) 3 sempii (starting left) to trade places,
12-14 (hold left hands) 3 sempii (starting right) to return to place.
      Men end with mezavolta to face forward.

Repeat dance twice more, until each man returns to his starting place.


Note that this version of Gelosia is by Domenico. Another Gelosia commonly danced in the SCA is the variant by Guglielmo Ebreo. It has a different number of starting saltarelli (12?), and part F is repeated a 3rd time, giving the men additional time to turn around.

Disclaimer: a cheat sheet does not do justice to explaining how to properly do a 15th century Italian dance.