PREV UP NEXT SCA Dance Cheat Sheets

Earl of Essex Measure

Source: Inns of Court manuscripts.

Setting: A processional line of couples.

Version: 1.0

A:  1- 2  Double left forward,
    3      single right back,
    4-12   repeat 1-3 three more times.

B: 13-15  Single to the left, single to the right (note timing),
   16-17   double left forward,
   18      single right backward.


A duble forward one single backe iiij times//
Singles syde a duble forward reprynce

MS Rawlinson Poet. 108, Bodleian Library, as transcribed by Wilson.


This dance can be reconstructed one of two ways. The music is 18 measures in length, and there are 17 measures of steps. One way to do it is to simply pause in the 18th measure. Another way is to have the single to the left and single to the right take 3 measures total instead of two. Henry of Maldon notes that the music in measures 13-15 seems to fit this second option much better than the first.