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Clog Bransle (Branle des Sabots)

Source: Arbeau.

Setting: A line or circle of dancers.

Version: 1.1

A:  1- 8 Double left, double right.
    9-16  Double left, double right.

B: 17-20 Single left, single right,
   21-23  tap right foot three times.

   24-27 Single left, single right
   28-30  Tap right foot three times.


The numbers above are beats, not measures, because the measures with the taps are of unusual length. Some SCA reconstructions that I've seen obviously insert extra music at that point, for they call for 3 taps and a pause. Arbeau's tabulation is clear that this is incorrect.

Arbeau comments that sometimes this dance is danced with the men tapping the first time through, and the women tapping the second time through (note mannerist influence). He then comments that other mimings can be used.