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Bransle Charlotte (Branle Charlotte)

Source: Arbeau

Setting: A line or circle of dancers.

Version: 1.1

A:  1- 4  Double left,
    5- 6   kick left, kick right,
    7-10   double right.

   11-20  Repeat.

B: 21-24  Double left,
   25-26   kick left, kick right,
   27-28   single right,
   29-31   kick left, right, left,
   32-33   single left,
   34-36   kick right, left, right,
   37-38   double right.


This dance is generally written in modern editions with some measures in 4/4 and some in 6/4. The numbers above represent beats, not measures. Occasionally you will see the B section repeated; Arbeau has no repeat in his music. Insert capriole at the end as desired.

The way that I remember which way to kick is as follows: if it's 2 kicks, then you kick with your outside foot first; so if you're moving to the left, kick with your left foot first. If it's 3 kicks, kick with your inside foot first. You have always just stepped on your inside foot, so kicking with the outside foot is more natural.