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Obtaining paper copies

The Miscellany is about 250 (8 1/2" x 11") pages, spiral bound (not literally a spiral--the sort of plastic binding that lets a book open flat). Consists of my and my wife's collection of worked out early recipes (about 200, with originals), plus a lot of articles, some on cooking and related issues, some on other parts of our medieval interests, also some poetry at the end. It costs $10+$1 postage and handling in the U.S.

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Volume I of the collection is a lot of source material on early cooking, in English. I reduction xeroxed it 4 pages to 1, so it is about 150 sheets of paper printed on both sides, containing about 1200 pages of source material. Volume II is mostly translations into English that I have gotten people to do, including a 13th century Andalusian cookbook, the cooking section of Le Menagier, Du Fait de Cuisine, Buch von Gute Speise, ... . Volume I is $15+$2 postage and handling, Volume II is $8+$1.

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