The Robert ap Huw manuscript (B. M. Addl. MS 14905): Bibliography

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Chris Ridgeway provided the following details:

Page 442 appears to contain a list of musical pieces, including Cwlwm, Measures, and Cor. At the bottom of the page is a list from the Robert ap Huw MS (RaH MS) of Musical pieces and their corresponding measures. This continues on p.443 and p.444. Refer RaH MS pgs. 102-104

Bottom of P.444 and top of P 445 List of names of tunes notated in the Robert ap Huw MS. See RaH MS p.106

P.445 List of the 24 Measures of Cerdd Dant (from P.107 of Robert ap Huw MS) in binary notation.

P.446 and 447 are the diagrams from page 108 of the RaH MS

P.448 corresponds to page 109 of the RaH MS. Bottom of Page 448 is list of Cwlwm on p 112 of RaH MS.

P.449 to 464 Ancient music from the Book of Rhys Jones (aka The Iolo MS)

P 464 to 495 The Cwlwm Cytgerdd section of the RaH MS (ie. pages 23 to 34 RaH MS)

P.495 and 496 the table of ornaments/figures from RaH MS page 35.

P.497 to 624 Tablature from the RaH MS

P.625 is an extract relating to Cerdd Dannau (Harp and Cwrth Music). Refer page i of RaH MS

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GL: Out of print? It used to be orderable for 30 euros from: University Library of Jyväskylä, P.O. Box 35, FIN-40351 Jyväskylä, Finland. Email at Includes a CD with 61 minutes of music, both reconstruction attempts and experiments.

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Proceedings of the 1995 Robert ap Huw Symposium (abstracts only)

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