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Mon Sep 30 16:48:09 PDT 2013

Ladies & Gents,
I might have mentioned that I'm choreographing this production of P&P. If
you've heard me say this it's usually with gushing & excitement.  That's
hard to do in email, so use your imagination!

I'd love to have you *come to the show on the Saturday night *of my
birthday weekend, that's *Sat 9 Nov*.  Tickets are pretty durn cheap at
$10-$15 each.


I'm planning to go in my best *Regency era costume* that evening. You dont
have to dress the part, if you come, but the cast would love it if you did.

The show's at Meyer Theater on the campus of Santa Clara University (near
the corner of Franklin & Lafayette in Santa Clara, CA).

Dont hold your expectations too high, it's college theater, not the
Metropolitan Opera.  It's a heck of a lot of fun to see it start to come
Cynthia Barnes
CinBarnes at gmail.com
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