westdance: Collegium Occidentalis - Dance Track!

Rebecca Friedman rebeccaanne3 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 2 00:47:39 PDT 2013

Finally got my registration (to westdance) sorted out, so!

Who will be there, who would be willing to teach, and what would people
like to teach? I am happy to teach pretty much everything, though if it's
practical I'd be inclined to go with my Graca For Beginners class from
Pennsic. Mom will be there, and would be willing to teach if wanted - I
think her default by preference is bransles. But both of us are pretty
flexible - and both of us can play for other people's classes, if people
want dance musicians.

If this has all been organized already, do ignore me - just wanted to get
the ball moving in case it hadn't, since we have just over a month until
the event!

In service,
Rebecca bint Cariadoc/da Firenze/whatever the heralds end up giving me
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