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Becca, I think. She seemed most interested in it at the last practice. I should proabably ask her before throwing her under the bus. Usually the orgnaizational stuff gets dumped on the Kingdom dance rep (Pieds) and then on the Mists rep (Salitor), but there's no requirement they must do it. We are all individuals who can sign up to teach a class, but we might end up with 5 ECD classes and one Burgundian if we did it that way. :) 
I expect I'll go to colligium and am happy to teach. Can someone with facebook access paste the details into a message and post to this list, please? I heard the site in in Los Altos (9Nov13), but I'd like to know before we make too many plans. https://www.facebook.com/events/598342550216266/?ref=3


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>Who is organizing the class sched?
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