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Greetings dancers,

I am turning to you for help with the Pied d'Argent for this year. I have not made practices, and it looks like I will not be able to make many events. There are some health issues with my mother and my mother-in-law and my stepmom that are going to take up a lot of my weekends, some weekdays (weeks) and energy. I currently need to have coverage for running the competitions at Beltane and June Crown and probably Purg. Aasa has already graciously agreed to run the one at Kingdom A&S. 

If you are willing to run one of these competitions, please let me know. I haven't even assigned dances to them yet because I wasn't sure what was going on and I didn't want anyone intimidated by the possibility of teaching a dance they were uncomfortable with doing. So, if you are willing to run the competition at a given event, you get to choose which dance it will be.

Also, at this point I should probably ask for possible successors to contact me. As things in my life are hitting one of those rough spots in the sandwich generation, I feel I should step down as Minister of the Order and let someone else have a chance.

In service,

Na'arah bat Avraham
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