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Gentle Crossonians, West Dancers & Musicians,
Please join me in showing a little hospitality to our visiting Special
Guest Star.  Mike is a friend of Karen (Bronwen) & Chaz.  I'm sure
they can introduce him properly.  Our special guest is said to be
quite inamored of medieval dance styles & music.  He'd relish the
opportunity to see how we go about it here.

So, on Wens at 7p, come dance a little dance, play a little tune and,
as ever as dance practice, have a drink and a snack.  We'll walk a few
blocks up the street for dinner at 9p.  Practice is a Cin & Raz's

Be seeing you!
Cynthia Barnes
CinBarnes at gmail.com

On Fri, Apr 19, 2013 at 9:15 PM, Karen Williams <branwen at ix.netcom.com> wrote:
> It turns out Mike can come to the Wednesday night practice after all, so I'll bring him along. He's interested in interviewing people who recreate and dance Medieval dance, along with his interest in Morris dancing, so this should be a good venue. If you can think of anyone in particular he should talk to, please let us know (or invite them especially for Wednesday?).
> Thanks,
> Karen
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>>On Mon, Apr 15, 2013 at 2:45 PM, Jeannie Warner <jeanvieve at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> SCA Dancer types - in case it was missed, Chaz and Karen (Bronwen) are
>>> having a Morris Dancer from England stay with them for just over a week,
>>> 4/19 - 5/3.
>>Karen & Chaz & Mike the Morris Dancer,
>>There is a dance practice every week, with exceptions for major
>>holidays.  The 2nd & 4th Wens practices are at my house and you, Mike
>>the Morris Dancer, are  welcome as are Karen, Chaz & Jeannie. Fear
>>not, for the non-dancers, there's snacks, drinks, and our charming
>>musicians of the pick-up band to amuse you.  We head for dinner just
>>up the street afterwards.
>>The rest of this note is primarily for Mike, Chaz & Karen, but may be
>>of interest to others interested in various folk dance traditions
>>outside of SCA.
>>> On Mon, Apr 15, 2013 at 2:23 PM, P V Sutton <pvs at jewelhill.co.uk> wrote:
>>>> Whilst in CA, Mike has arranged to go to:
>>>> Berkeley Morris practice evening Tues 23rd April and has a lift arranged
>>>> California Morris Ale, from Friday 26th April - Sun 28th April and,
>>>> again, has a lift arranged (presumably after work)
>>>> Mayday - exactly what and when are still TBA, but I think Mike is hoping
>>>> that contacts at the Ale will allow him to get lifts to any places where the
>>>> Morris is being used to see in the May.
>>I'd bet that's the Baylands May Day dawn dance.   Thank goodness it's
>>nearby.  It's very important to dance the sun up.  Check the calendar
>>here:: /deercreekmorris.info/gigs.htm .  Without the Morris dancers
>>I'm sure we'd not have as much California sun as we do.  Glad you can
>>help. The other May Day event that I know of is this:
>>There's also a pretty good crossover between Morris & the Contradance
>>community (see BACDS page).  Much of the US organizational support for
>>folk dance traditions is thru the Country Dance & Song Society
>>cdss.org as I recall.
>>>> We have no firm (or even infirm) dates for any meetings with SCA people,
>>>> either those who dance period dances, but not Morris or those who expressed
>>>> an interest in Morris dancing back when this was first mooted.
>>>> He will also be interested in hearing how people in the SCA regard
>>>> Morris, and their attitude to tradition in general - obviously the English
>>>> tradition is what he is most interested in.
>>Perhaps I might be considered one of those who pushes the period
>>social dances in the SCA crowd. I hadnt heard a thing about this until
>>Jeannie's email came out today.  Here in the San Jose area, we've been
>>running a 15th-16th Ball every year for quite a while, the Crosston
>>Ball.  It's usually in Jan or Feb, so your timing's not good for that
>>one.  As our weather is generally pretty fine, most of the SCA goes
>>outside to play all spring-summer-fall.  Occasionally, there's an Arts
>>"do" of one sort or another in the warmer months, but I have not yet
>>heard of one.
>>If you were here during an SCA Arts & Sciences (June) or Collegium
>>weekend (Nov), I would certainly encourage one of your talks or
>>performances there, but again, you're not in town then.
>>I have never seen any Morris Dance at any SCA event anywhere near the
>>SF bay area. Doesnt mean that it doesnt exist, just that I've never
>>seen it.  That's mostly organized via the local BACDS and English
>>Country Dance groups.  I can hook you up with Deer Creek
>>http://deercreekmorris.info/ and possibly Mad Molly people if you
>>like, tho it sounds as if you already have an invite to their Ale.
>>Here's more: http://www.bacds.org/teams/
>>Of the Deer Creek side, Stan Kramer, Bob Fraley, and Ric Goldman are
>>all active elsewhere in the BACDS community which is how I know them
>>all. Alan Winston is another good contact who's either with the Rats
>>or Mad Molly. I can easily introduce you, if you like to any of these
>>dancers & musicians.
>>I expect to be at the English Dance  3rd Sun and again 1st Sun in
>>downtown San Jose at the UU Church. It's a great hall w/ live music.
>>Several Morris dancers & musicians show up at that event on a regular
>>Cynthia Barnes
>>CinBarnes at gmail.com

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