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Wed May 26 14:05:19 PDT 2010

On Wed, May 26, 2010 at 01:18:22PM -0700, Matthew Larsen wrote:

> There's a 15th c. manuscript that is more or less notation kind of
> similar to the notation in the Burgundian sources.  Sans music, if I
> recall, and not very long (2 pages, I think).
> There's also a 17th c. Spanish source by a guy named Navarro.  I don't
> recall details...

I have facsimiles of both on the web (Navarro was reprinted on
hand-made paper during the Franco era), and I can loan out Lynn
Brooke's "The Art of Dancing in 17th Century Spain", which is a
translation of Navarro. They seem to be mostly dancing in the same
style as Caroso/Negri, with some slight changes towards the Baroque,
but nothing as drastic as the French Baroque.

> And, of course, there could be sources I don't know about. :-)

Why yes, there is a "new" source, discovered a year or two ago, and
just recently mentioned on the Rendance mailing list by Barbara
Sparti. A transcription and a paper describing it (in Spanish) are in
this book:


I haven't ordered a copy yet, seems that it's only available in Europe.

>> Some of you may have heard about a recently discovered Catalan
>> dance manuscript.  It has been completely transcribed
>> ("...Manuscrit Potau" by Joaquim Albareda) and introduced and
>> placed in context by Carles Mas i Garcia ("L'expansio de la dansa
>> d'escola") in a volume with other essays published last year
>> (2009):
>> /
>> /
>> Monografies del Museu d'Història de Barcelona
>> Ajuntament de Barcelona
>> ISBN: 978-84-9850-145-2
>> Barbara Sparti

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