westdance: Stanford Historic Dance Week

Cin cinbarnes at gmail.com
Wed May 26 12:34:46 PDT 2010

Ren Dancers,
We got the mostly final program for Stanford Historic Dance Week last
nite.  Turns out there's a guy who's got a Spanish dance, or so he
says.  (Class teaser shown below.)  Spanish?!  Whatever could he be
talking about?  Sure there's stuff w/ Spanish sounding names, not that
I know much about it.

Anyway, this is the same guy who taught at Urbino last year, IIRC.
Great opportunity to get info, updates &/or reminders for CynIsh's
class notes that she brought back from that week.

BTW, the dance week is, as ever, short of men.  Contact Richard Powers
vintage at stanford.edu for guy-friendly discounts, one-day passes or
long lunch access to just one class.  These arrangements arent formal.
 It's all on a "dont ask, dont get" basis.

The revised schedule is here:
Cynthia Barnes
CinBarnes at gmail.com

Lieven Baert
16th Century Renaissance Dance
Italian, French and Spanish dances - Barriera, Gracca amoroso, Biscia
Amoroso, courante, Villano, folia var.

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