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Stanford dance week includes the 15thc & 16th c for the 1st time in ages.
It's filling fast... more below.  Even more info on the website.
Cynthia Barnes
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Subject: New Stanford Waltz Weekend
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Hi all,

So far 105 have registered for the Stanford Historical Dance Week,
from twenty states and eight countries.  Since we're still four months
away, it looks like it will sell out.

NEWS:  In case you were interested in attending the Stanford Waltz
Weekend but either couldn't make the June 18-20 dates or didn't like
the multi-dance content, we just added a second true Waltz Weekend on
June 26-27.  This was because the first Waltz Weekend filled in
mid-December, with 62 people already on the waiting list.

This will be the *other* kind of Waltz Weekend, where everyone is
always together in the same large studio.  In this format, variations
can keep building upon the material taught earlier in the weekend,
since everyone has that shared information base.  A nice camaraderie
builds when everyone dances together for a weekend.

This will be a true waltz weekend - entirely waltz.  And all of the
sessions will be led by Angela and I, just as in our on-the-road waltz
weekends, except with new material for 2010.

Instead of calling these "Waltz Weekends 1 and 2"  we're changing the
name of the first one to the Stanford DANCE Weekend, because that's
really what it is – many kinds of social dances.  It will be exactly
as originally planned, with no changes other than the name.

The following new weekend will be the Stanford WALTZ Weekend.  Here it is:


The new Waltz Weekend will cost $20 less - $80 - because we won't have
a Friday night session.  It begins Saturday morning, includes a
Saturday night Waltz Ball, and finishes at 2pm Sunday afternoon.  13
hours of dancing.

The combined price for the Historical Dance Week plus either weekend
is $400.  So taking the week plus the new Waltz Weekend saves you $30.

If you're interested, just go to the Web page and register (before
that also fills).

I'll send further information and updates as more details are finalized.



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