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Matthew Larsen matt1.larsen at gmail.com
Tue Oct 13 09:38:36 PDT 2009

That looks pretty interesting.  Lots of stuff in addition to the usual
19th c. and Ragtime stuff (which is also interesting, but... :-).


On Mon, Oct 12, 2009 at 9:07 PM, Greg Lindahl <lindahl at pbm.com> wrote:
> fridaynightwaltz.com let the cat out of the bag that next year's
> week (June 20-25) will feature classes in...
> Pavan, Galliard, Basse Danse, Ballo, Branles, La Volta, Sword Dances,
> Menuet, Passepied, Bouree, Sarabande, Gavotte, Forlana, Courante,
> Musette, Early 19th Century ballet of Blasis, Theleur, St. Leon, Adice
> and D'Egville, Regency Era Waltz, 1802 Congo Minuet, Beveridge's
> Maggot, 1820 Scotch Reel, 19th C Waltz, Polka, Schottische, Galop,
> Mazurka, Polonaise, Redowa, Quadrilles, Tango, One-Step, Cake Walk,
> Maxixe, Fox Trot, Hesitation Waltz, Half & Half, Texas Tommy,
> Charleston, Shag, Peabody, Collegiate, Blues, 1950s Bop.
> The Ren/Baroque teacher seems to be Lieven Baert. Hm, Catherine Turocy
> is also on staff, she seems to do Baroque.
> Mark your calendars.
> -- Gregory
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