westdance: SCA 4th Wednesday Dance Practice in Menlo Park

Crystal A. Larsen xtalrock at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 20 23:25:36 PDT 2009

Howdy ya'll,

Wednesday Dance practice this week is in Menlo Park, please scroll down for directions.

Next week is a 5th Wednesday! We'll be at Cin's in San Jose, same as last week. Please come out for the 5th Wednesday dance party.

Upcoming dance!
*) Purgatorio Coronation, dance competition The Bransle Charlotte. See http://oertha.westkingdom.org/OerthaPurg.htm for event details.
*) Darkwood Masked Ball, September 19th. Check for updates on  http://baronyofdarkwood.org/events.shtml for event details.
*) Esfenn Arts Fete, September 12th
*) Mists Fall Coronet, October 16th-18th dance competition Horses' Bransle. Check for updates on http://mists.westkingdom.org/index.php for event details.

> Directions to the 2nd and 4th Wednesday practices:
> 116 O'Keefe St, Menlo Park, CA.
> Yahoo!Maps will give you accurate directions. Take 101 to
> Willow, go west on Willow --away-- from the Dumbarton
> bridge.
> Turn Left on O'Keefe St (no signal, but there's a
> 76 Gas station on the corner). Go four blocks or two stop
> signs and park anywhere legal on O'Keefe or Central Ave.
> It's a one-story house, with medium sized redwood trees
> flanking the yard, in the middle of the block.
> Dance usually starts at 7pm. About 9pm we often go to a
> local restaurant for dinner or ice-cream.
see you there!
Crystal of the Westermark
(Crystal A. Larsen)


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