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Crystal A. Larsen xtalrock at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 29 20:56:46 PDT 2009

This week dance is in San Jose, at Cin and Raz's house 
1264 Hanchett San Jose CA 95126
All the usual mapping programs work, if you are coming in from the Almedaen, turn right at the Peet's coffee shop.

Upcoming dance events and competitions:
*) Mists Coronet dance competition, _Queen's Alman_. Coronet will be held at Skyline ark in Napa, please refer to http://mists.westkingdom.org/2009_Spring_Coronet.php for details.

On 25April2009, the Collegium Occidentialis will be an overnight event at a hotel in Modesto. Because we'll have ample dance space, let's plan now for a whole day of classes. It is not required that you stay overnight, most classes will probably be on Saturday. If you would like to teach, please contact the collegium regent, Duchess Constantina von Ravenna (collegium at westkingdom.org) to volunteer. 
If you are planning on attending Collegium and are comfortable with performance dance please volunteer for one of the following demonstrations: 
Fiamma d'Amore (2)
Amoroso (2)
Bizzaria d'Amore (4)
Gracca Amoroso (2)
Contrapasso (6)
And maybe an ECD (6-8)

Other teaching opportunities this year are not limited to The Known World Dance Symposium (http://www.kwdsvii.org/KWDSVIISite.html), Arts and Sciences Weekend June 14-16th, and Fall Collegium October 24th.

Wednesdays in San Jose:
Dance practice starts after 7:00pm. We normally wear street clothes, rather than garb, for practice. Clean, soft-soled shoes or socks are required. We normally break around 9pm for dinner. Feel free to forward this message to people who ask about dance practice.

see you there,
Crystal of the Westermark

ps/ Darkwood Dance Directions:
Darkwood Dance Practices are the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the Month.  We will be covering the basics of Medieval and Renaissance dancing, including English Country, Bransles, Almans, 15th and 16th century Italian, and Basse Dance – though, not all in the same session.  Emphasis will be placed on learning only a few dances well over several sessions, as well as preparing upcoming for the Pied d’Argent and Salatarious Nebulorum competitions and any balls or dance events.
Practice will be held in the home of Gottfried and Caterina (Kit), in Salinas  at 7pm.  Wear comfortable shoes and clothes that will work for dancing.
If you have questions, call Na’arah bat Avraham (408) 848-5748 cell (408) 825-3107 Email the_momstable at rocketmail.com.  Or see the Darkwood Dance Yahoo group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Darkwood_Dance/
4 Cassino Circle , Salinas , 93905 (at the corner of Williams and Boronda.) We are on the right.
DIRECTIONS (all the usual mapping programs work pretty well)
>From San Jose /Morgan Hill/Gilroy: Take US-101 S toward LOS ANGELES. Take EXIT 326B toward MONTEREY PENINSULA .  Turn LEFT onto S SANBORN RD. Turn RIGHT onto JOHN ST.  JOHN ST becomes WILLIAMS RD. Turn RIGHT onto FREEDOM PKWY. Turn RIGHT onto TUSCANY BLVD. Turn RIGHT onto TUSCANY WAY . Turn LEFT onto CASSINO WAY . Turn LEFT onto CASSINO CIR. End at 4 Cassino Cir Salinas, CA 93905-2276


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