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--- On Mon, 3/23/09, Greg Lindahl <lindahl at pbm.com> wrote:
> Somehow this is ending up being nothing like a Caroso Ball.
> If we're going to only have 1 set dancing at a time, and you know in
> advance which dance(s) you're dancing, perhaps we could study up a
> bit before-hand?

Yes, we should start calling it the demo dance at collegium. 
I hope the list of dances to choose from will be available before Wednesday. The next several dance practices will focus on dances from that list.

This demo is planned for the Saturday dinner at collegium, some details below

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Greetings West Kingdom!

Our Collegium Occidentalis (West Kingdom College) is coming on April
25th and 26th. We ended up with an amazing site this year, the Doubletree
Hotel in Modesto. Site fee is even going to include three full meals,
and we will have the Club in the hotel to ourselves Saturday night for
partying and dancing. (Yes, there will be a bartender.) Woo hoo! More exciting information on the event to follow.

What we need more of are teachers. If you have ever thought of
teaching something, please don't be shy. In fact, teaching with one or more
partners is a great idea if you feel a little nervous teaching by
The class can be on absolutely anything related to what we do in the
Please feel free to e-mail me with the following information, or
forward this to anyone who might be interested:

Your SCA name:
Your modern name:
Preferred contact info:
Class name and description:
Class size limit, if any:
Class fee you will charge for materials, if any:
How long is your class?: 1 HR  or 2 HRS
Do you need any audiovisual equipment?: y/n
Do you need an outdoor space?: y/n
Materials you want students to bring, if any:
Preferred time of day for your class:

 Classes will run in one-hour blocks between about 10am and 6:30 on
Saturday, as well as two more one-hour-long blocks on Sunday morning.

Thank you in advance!

In Service,

Duchess Constantina von Ravenna
collegium @ westkingdom . org

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