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Sounds like a pretty fab event!   Sorry to miss it, but CostumeCon beckons...
Cynthia Barnes
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> Hello all!
> I figured that since Collegium was coming up, I would start getting serious about hawking for teachers, although it seems like we have a couple already =)  I also thought that I would give people a bit more information to entice even further...although this information is not yet 100% confirmed, it is pretty close to it.  Remember that this time, it will be held at the Doubletree hotel in Modesto, where we have held 12th Night in the past. Constantina (kdthegreat73 at yahoo.com) is the class
> coordinator.  There is a plan for 5 class tracks on Saturday of 6 classes each, and 3-5 tracks on Sunday (depending on demand), of 2 classes each.
> This particular event will be a bit different in that
> it will be a weekend event, and there will be a couple of unique and
> fun things going on. First off, the food will be catered by the
> hotel, and Vittoria will be working with the caterer to stick to
> period foods and ingredients as much as possible. The site fee
> ($15) includes breakfast on both Saturday and Sunday, as well as a
> coffee break and snack around 3:30, and dinner Saturday evening.
> Since dinner will be full buffet service, there will be no need for
> your feast gear =).
> The current plan for the evening is have a short break for cocktails
> in the club area (which we have for all of Saturday) after the class
> periods end, then get dinner started. During dinner, I understand
> that three of the Queen's Artisans have a presentation to make (maybe we can also do some music while people eat?  just a thought) and
> after dinner, there will be an hour or so of dance.  Afterwards, the plan is to have a little fun and show a movie of dubious historical
> authenticity and snark a little. Keep in mind that all of this is
> happening in the same room as cocktails and dinner, with the bar at
> our disposal (for individual purchase, though =).
> That being said, I'd like to open up a discussion as far as what form the ball should take.  My initial thoughts were to reserve the dance floor space for the presentations and musicians (anyone want to do some musical entertainment while people eat?).  Additionally, I was thinking that we might do our own Caroso ball for half an hour or so while people are still eating - that way, there is no teaching, there is no real down time, and the people who have worked hard practicing dances and such get to show it off to a captive audience.  Then, at our leisure, we can push it towards a more open type of ball and invite more people to dance.  Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated!
> - Vyncent
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