westdance: Ball schedule please?

Crystal A. Larsen xtalrock at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 20 15:44:46 PST 2009

I replied privately to Kathryn, but just in case anyone else is interested, here is a slightly more detailed schedule than the one on http://home.earthlink.net/~al-qurtubiyya/2009CrosstonBall.html:

11:30 AM Hall opens: 
Noon-12:50pm First Class 
1-1:50pm Second Class 
While classes are going on, the kitchen is preparing for dinner 
2-2:50pm Third Class  
3-3:50pm Fourth Class  
3:45pm Hall Set-up for Dinner,  
4pm Dinner
5pm? West Court (choir sings)
5:15 start clearing the buffet tables 
5:30 The groupies-and-musicians' dinner tables at the stage-end of the hall are removed
The remaining dinner tables taken down no later than 5:45. Somewhere in here, the arts display is set up.
6pm the first dance set
The first break (5-10 minutes): 
7pm-ish the Second dance set
8pm-ish the second break (10-15 minutes): The Crosston seneschal change 
8:15pm-ish the third set
The third break (5-10 minutes)
9pm-ish the fourth set
10-11 pm Cleanup and table resetting

Please keep in mind the schedule is likely to be wrong in some detail. :)

Should the Queen be unable to attend and we have no court, perhaps he choir would consent to sing a song at 5:55 to open the ball?



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