westdance: Stanford Dance Demo - Jan 17, 7:30pm (today!)

Francis Classe torlanswingmeister at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 17 13:05:39 PST 2009

Hello, all!

Just a reminder that we have a Demo (more of a dance, actually, with cool stuff) at Stanford this evening, starting at 7:30.  I'm planning on arriving a bit early to help set up and get things ready.  Here are some more details - do ring me at 408-250-5563 if you have any questions!

For cool stuff, feel free to being whatever you'd like to display or work on, as I've planned for a table for things to be viewed and such.  As far as food goes, we're not picky, but if you'd like to contribute, do try and bring things that are not too messy or greasy! =)  

Info:  http://icenter.stanford.edu/events/special.html (PDF flyer available there as well!)

What:  Dance, Music, Singing, Food, Fighting, Cool Stuff @ Stanford! 
When:  January 17, 7:30pm start.
Where: International House, 584 Capistrano Way
Who:   All of you, hopefully, arrayed in clothing appropriate to the period (that means garb =)
Why:   To further an interest in dance and music, and the SCA in general, to the Stanford campus.

See you tonight!

- Vyncent


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