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Fri Dec 5 09:07:38 PST 2008

Hi Renee,
thank you for you kind offer. You misheard however my comment to
Christopher. Normally we are all dancing by 7pm so he has almost an hour of
dance before going to bed. This week most people were late so by 7:30 we had
given up on dance happening and sent him to prep for bed so he would have
some reading time. He was upset because as soon as he went up to change into
jammies he heard people start to arrive. The comment was more along the
lines of "we didn't think anyone else was coming" not that we had forgotten.

For a couple of weeks I had the dining/reading area set up for dance as well
as the kitchen eating area, however we did not have enough people attending
to use the extra space. We certainly plan on having the dance room back in
working order as soon as life will let us.

We are very happy to have dance here and would be very disappointed to have
it move away.


On Thu, Dec 4, 2008 at 5:32 PM, Renee <goddess at oort.com> wrote:

> Hello!  Last night, dance practice was at Raf and Elspeth's house.
> Elspeth was sick,a nd I overheard her tell Christopher, "We forgot
> they were coming tonight."  Since for a long time now, her upstairs
> dance room has been taken up with people and/or with storage, and
> the dining room can only hold one set, I suggest that we convene
> for San Jose Wednesday Dance Practice at my house, which can hold
> 2 sets in the living room and a 3rd in the connected dining room,
> plus musicians.  I would be very pleased to make my home clean and
> available for dance practice in San Jose, on alternate Wednesdays.
> Regards,
>        Renee
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