westdance: bonus annoucment Re: SCA 3rd Wednesday Dance Practice in San Jose

Crystal A. Larsen xtalrock at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 18 09:21:49 PST 2008

Howdy ya'll,

The Shire of Crosston, the SCA group that sponsors Wednesday dance practice, is putting out a new version of it's directory. If you would like to be included in the directory please read the message below for instructions. 

You can join the Crosston yahoo!group at 


Hi, everyone.  

I am John Rossignol, from the shire of Crosston, and I'm currently working on an update of the Crosston Directory.  This is an informal list of contact data for Greater Crosston and Friends.  It's very use useful for, say, contacting musicians to ask them to play for a dance event.  ;-)  You don't have to be an active Crosstonian to be on the Directory.  The only rules are:
a) to receive the Directory, you must send your own contact information to be included in it; and 
b) no one may give copies of the Directory to anyone who is not listed in it.

These rules are to maintain privacy and to encourage responsible handling of confidential contact information.

I remember talking to some of you dance-a-holics about the Directory at an even earlier this year, and I know some of you are not on SCA-Xton where I have been posting notices about it, so I have asked if someone could post this notice on your dance list.

For those who wish to be added to the Directory
To be added to the Directory, please send ME  ( giguette AT pacbell DOT net ) the contact information you wish to have included.  Don't post it on your dance list -- I'm not on it, and anyway that wouldn't be private.  In a few days I will mail out a second draft of the Directory update, and any of you who have joined it will have a chance to check your contact data there, and edit it if you wish.

Contact Data -- fields and format
Below is the general format we use.  The only info we really require for someone to be included in the Directory are an e-mail address and a name (SCA name if you have one).  Of course, the more contact info you provide, the more helpful it is for someone trying to contact you.  

Typical fields
*SCA name
*modern name
*street address (number, street, apt. #, city, state, zip -- or country if not US)
*home phone 
*cell phone 
*e-mail address

If you wish, you may also add other stuff, like:

* temporary street address
* phone-call hours, e.g. "(no calls before 9AM or after 10 PM)"
* additional e-mail addresses
* IM handles
* LiveJournal handles or URLs
* homepage address, or URL of your SCA-related site
* brief family info, e.g. "(husband: St. Ralph the Lair, daughter: Elspeth the Dragontorn)"
* former SCA name, if went by a certain name for a long time, but have changed it.

We don't include SCA titles or awards in the Crosston Directory.

Ralph the Liar
mka Malcom A. Droit
200 W. 7th St., Apt. 13, Mountain View, CA 12345
home:  408-555-9876  (no calls before 9AM or after 11 PM)
cell:  650-555-7777
IM (yahoo):  liar34
IM (aol):  ananias66
(wife: Jezebel the Chaste, daughter: Elspeth the Dragontorn)

For those of you who are already in the Crosston directory
If you have not already received a copy of the first-draft update, please contact me.  I sent it out Saturday night, and did get some bounces.

Naturally, if you have any questions, free free to write me.

John Rossignol
giguette A T pacbell DOT net


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