westdance: Workshops & Concert sponsored by Harpers Hall, Saturday, May 17th, 10 am -- 5:00 pm

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Thu May 8 11:11:01 PDT 2008

Same weekend as Mists Investiture, sadly. But if anyone can go, please post a review. 

Begin forwarded message:
> Workshops & Concert sponsored by Harpers Hall
> ----------------------------------------------
> 10:00am-noon Accompanying Medieval Song with Harp
> 1:00pm-3:00pm Playing, Singing and Dancing Historical Dances*
> 3:30pm-5:00pm Concert
> Medieval Stories and Songs with Harp, Vielle, Rebec
> Saturday, May 17th, 10 am -- 5:00 pm
> At The Hubbel House in Los Gatos
> Located at 550 Hubbel Way in Los Gatos
> Contact Verlene at info at verlene.com or call
> 408-448-6685 for reservations
> Costs:
> $35 for a single workshop
> $10 for the concert only
> $60 for both workshops
> $40 for one workshop plus concert
> $65 for both workshops plus concert
> Those attending both workshops should bring a bag lunch.
> Morning Workshop -- 10 am - noon: *Accompanying Medieval Song with 
> Harp*
> Since medieval music in based on a modal rather than on a harmonic
> system, accompanying medieval songs posses particular challenges. The
> course will work on developing different types of accompaniments, such
> as drone patterns, melodic accompaniments, and intabulating the voices
> of two or three part songs while singing the first voice.
> Afternoon Workshop -- 1:00 -- 3:00 pm: *Playing, Singing and Dancing 
> Historical Dances*
> Through singing and dancing to the melodies, harpists become familiar
> with the dances before they begin to play them on the harp. At the
> same time they learn appropriate speed and articulation. Special
> emphasis will be placed on Renaissance and Baroque dances that were
> also sung, for example from John Playford's The Dancing Master (17^th
> -18^th C.) or from the German harp manuscript Musicalische Rüstkammer
> auff der Harfe from 1719. You may want to bring along friends,
> partners, children, who are not harpers, but who would just like to
> dance or sing!
> Concert Program -- 3:30 -- 5:00: Medieval Stories and Songs with 
> Harp, Vielle, Rebec
> *Cantefable*
> Nancy Thym -- voice, harp, storytelling
> Tilo Viehrig -- medieval fiddle, rebec
> Nancy Thym transforms her extensive research on historical harp
> into programs which are both entertaining and educational, combining
> harp music, song and dance with medieval stories or portraying
> harpists of the past in one-woman theater pieces. She has received
> awards and grants for her research on the Bohemian hook harp and the
> Siberian and Norwegian harps and has served as president of the
> International Historical Harp Society. Her research and harp
> collection have also provided the basis for the "Museum and Archive
> for Harp History" in Germany.
> Instrument builder and musician Thilo Viehrig studied violin and
> organ building as well as instrument restoration in East Germany. For
> over 20 years he has concentrated on the performance practice and
> reconstruction of historical instruments. He established the musical
> instrument museum at the Center for Performance Practice in
> Michaelstein, Germany and his copies of historical instruments (harps,
> bowed instruments, clavichords, harpsichords and organettos) can be
> viewed in various museums. As a musician he has specialized in
> historical bowed instruments - vielle, rebec baroque violin.
> The two met while working on a project to examine, conserve and
> reconstruct the collection of over 30 original Renaissance musical
> instruments discovered in the Freiberg Cathedral near Dresden. Thilo
> built copies of the harps and violins, while Nancy experimented with
> playing techniques and stringing.
> They are restoring a Gothic House from 1493 near Naumburg in East
> Germany which is being converted into a center for early music.
> Together they perform under the name /"Cantefable",/ a medieval term
> for a story which is partly spoken and partly sung or accompanied by
> instrumental music. Their programs interweave stories, music, song,
> and dance.

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