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Funny that you mention it - I actually sent a message to the list from work at about noon, but it bounced =)

I've already made arrangements to have the hall at some point during the day for the Pied d'Argent, as well as some dancing afterwards.  However, I've also made arrangements for us to have the hall from 8 to 10pm that evening to have a dance party if we want to =)  After evening court, there will be an auction of some sort (while many of us are off to dinner =) and then the hall will clear out and we will get it then.  So, if we indeed want to have a dance party, I'm certainly game. 

Here is the post from the west list from our Queen:

- V

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Greetings Unto the Populace of the West,

Through Our lands, the rains have stopped and the sun is shining to 
bring relative warmth and comfort to Our people. As February comes to 
a close We begin Our preparations for March Crown. His Majesty has 
asked for the Baronies, Provinces, Shires and Cantons to meet amongst 
themselves and create an artistic display to show the wealth of 
talent that lies within Our Kingdom. As We know that many artist 
endeavors are fragile when subjected to the vagrancies of weather, We 
have arranged to have a Hall on site for the purpose of displays, 
evening court, Auction, and 
It will be open 
both Sat and Sunday. If you would like to arrange for space in the 
hall, please contact the autocrat- I am certain she will be posting 
further information soon. Please come to the hall and see the 
beautiful things displayed there and look to your site handout for 
further activities planned in the hall. We shall hope for fine 
weather that will allow many outdoor displays- but know that should 
the weather be contrary, We are prepared!

Gemini ~ Rex
Mari ~ Regina

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Subject: westdance: March Crown?

The March Crown autocrat says she has a hall for various activities,
including dancing in the evening. Is anyone organizing this? If not,
does someone want to organize it?

The event is March 22, Yolo County Fairgrounds.

-- Gregory

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