westdance: Dancing for Posterity.

Francis Classe torlanswingmeister at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 11 22:33:41 PST 2007

Here are my comments on the matter =)

> Should we dance in garb?  It's harder to see the
> footwork, but prettier!

For posterity, I think it would be much betterin garb,

> Should we do it at dance practice?

Depends on people!

> Should it be
> called, or <gasp> not
> called? 

No calling is better!

> How should it be filmed?  Should it be
> uploaded to YouTube or
> distributed on DVD or what?

I think it would reach a wider audience on youtube.

> A lovely room to dance in would be pretty, but plain
> white walls in the
> background would perhaps be better.

I think it might echo a bit at Katrina's...maybe an
event or a park would be a better atmosphere?

- V

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