westdance: Dancing for Posterity.

Renee goddess at oort.com
Fri Nov 9 01:54:43 PST 2007

Hello dancers!  

To those who attended Vyncent's blow-out in-your-face post-Lowe's-battle
champagne dance fete on Wednesday, I compliment you on the clean-up.  
The house was more orderly after you left than when you arrived.

It was such a struggle for me to learn SCA dances.  I have long wanted to
videotape dances, for reference materials.  Thanks to Gregory's efforts,
WestDance is apparently a dance guild, and we have awesome teachers and
dancers here.  The envy of many, according to gossip at Pennsic.
I would like to see our dances spread throughout the SCA (and beyond!)

Here are a few YouTube videos of SCA dance:

Toss the Duchess at Earngyld dance practice

KnownWorld 2007 / Del and Adele in Il Canario

Pennsic 2007 Wolgemut/Horse's Brawl/Judith!

We could easily make videos as good as these!
I want to solicit YOUR views, yes, you, kind reader.
I have plenty of questions, and plenty of opinions!


Should we dance in garb?  It's harder to see the footwork, but prettier!
Should we do it at dance practice?  Should it be called, or <gasp> not
called?  How should it be filmed?  Should it be uploaded to YouTube or
distributed on DVD or what?  What kind of film equipment?  Is anyone
skilled at filming and editing?  Where should it be filmed?  
Which dances?!


Some people will be reluctant to be videotaped, so it might be best done
outside dance class.  (But that would mean organizing -- not my forte!)  
A lovely room to dance in would be pretty, but plain white walls in the
background would perhaps be better.  I think we should wear period
costumes, for esthetics; the men's feet would be visible for those wanting
to scrutinize footwork.  Using my computer's camera would be easy to upload
to YouTube; using Gregory's Sony handheld would require more work but the
output would be high-res and sooo lovely.  It would be nice to dance with 
no calling at all, and one with precise calling, perhaps at a slower pace.

What do you think 'bout this notion of filming our dances?

Me, I think I may be biting off a bigger project than I can handle...


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