westdance: Proposed Dances for Crosston Ball

Matthew Larsen matt1.larsen at gmail.com
Fri Oct 5 14:49:08 PDT 2007

Hi All,

We're starting the process of picking dances for the Crosston Ball
this coming January.  This is the list we generated at dance on
Wednesday.  Please respond with any other suggestions, either dances
you'd really like to see or dances you're really like to avoid.  We
usually have about 24 dances, plus a few extra in case we have enough
time.  No promises that we'll follow any feedback, but we'll at least
take it into account!

This list is just suggestions at this point and should not be taken to
imply anything about the actual final list. :)


Crosston Ball January 2008

Desired Dances:
Gracca Amoroso
Dull Sir John
Rostibolli Goioso
Bizzaria d'Amore
Bianco Fiore
Rufty Tufty
Black Alman (or Lorayne)
Dance de Cleves
Furioso all'Ottavo
Lo Spangaleto
Pavan and/or Galliard
Black Nag
Petit Riens

Dances to Avoid:
Horses Bransle
Petite Riens
Heart's Ease
Spanish Jeepsie
Candlestick Bransle
Ballo del Fiore

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