westdance: Caroso Ball at Estrella?

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I am hoping to do a "Caroso ball" next War as an afternoon class. (If 
you don't know this format, see 
http://www.pbm. com/~lindahl/ articles/ caroso.html) if memory serves, 
it's been a few years since the last one we did at Estrella.

In a perfect world, we would have live music for such an event. Is it 
possible to have an ensemble ready to perform as many as 40 dances on 
request? Dances at a Caroso Ball go quickly, as no time is spent on 

The program need not - indeed, for maximum participation, should not - 
be limited to Italian dances. For the Caroso ball at Known World Dance,

the musicians were ready for Italians, ECD, Old Measures, basse danse, 
and dances from Orchesographie and the Gresley Manuscript, and Gresley 
was the only source we didn't tap.

So, would there be interest, and what would be a feasibility/ bribe 
schedule for live music at one?

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