westdance: Crosston Ball Set List

Carey Cates isabel at aands.org
Wed Jul 11 00:10:50 PDT 2007

Hello all,
	In the set list below I count 3 ECDs, 7 Italian (15/16th c)
and 5 of everything else combined.  I also judge it to be 4 Advanced,
2 Intermediate, and 9 Beginner level dances (counting the Galliard in
with the Pavan as Beginner, even if Galliards do sometimes frighten
people.)  I would suggest that the balance of levels is good, but the
mix of dance genres is skewed.  If it were me, I would tweak the
second set to have easier, popular dances after the harder ones.
(When I ran balls in Caid, that was crucial, so that if a dance scared
off too many people (I did often throw stuff they were not familiar
with at them - ie something other than ECD) there would be a popular
dance right after it to draw people back onto the floor.  Otherwise
some of the GWW balls, in particular, would have likely just dissolved
mid-way.)  It is not crucial here, thankfully, but I'd suggest
contemplating that concept if you end up tweaking the list for other

(who is still in Caid on most Tuesdays)

> Black Alman (4x)
> Contrapasso
> Amoroso (2x)
> Chestnut
> Contitezza d?Amore
> Danse de Cleves
> Bransle Charlotte (4x)
> Gracca Amoroso
> Lorayne Alman (4x)
> Pavane and Galliard
> Bizzaria d?Amore (Presentation)
> Petit Riens (2x)
> Black Nag
> Villanella
> Sellenger's Round

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