westdance: Welcoming New Dancers.

Renee goddess at oort.com
Tue May 22 21:42:14 PDT 2007

I have a sudden need to mention how pleasant is this group's welcoming
acceptance of newcomers.  From the my first semidoppio, to the gradual
acquisition of Galliards currently taking place, I'm never reluctant
to try--however awkwardly--new steps.  This is thanks to the positive 
and encouraging attitude that Wednesday night dancers have.

Tonight I finally made it to Persephone's class on Victorian Waltz, in
Alameda.  I danced with the very-beginner class, mostly walking three-steps
forward around the room, and for variety, three steps back.  Then, after
the break, Persephone immediately kicked me out of her Victorian Waltz
class! "This is the intermediate class."  "I know, I've waltzed before, 
I think I can keep up."  "No."  And she held up the class until I left.  
How embarrassing!  I've danced with people in that class!  On my way out
the door, she called out, "You can watch if you want."  Somehow, I feel no
incentive to return.

OTOH I always love Renaissance, so here are kudo's on the welcoming
atmosphere.  Whether it's Crystal lending clothing for events, or Vincent
and Jeffie Matt showing the steps carefully for the nth time, or Becca's
encouraging smile, or Cin's sudden twists that earn a laugh, Greg
discussing the texts behind why we dance this and not that...  
and on and on... a reason for each one of you... 
Every one is fun to dance with, bar none.

- - -

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