westdance: new "School for the Courtier"

Greg Lindahl lindahl at pbm.com
Wed Mar 28 16:24:10 PDT 2007

Given that dancing is an important skill for courtiers, I thought
this announcement from sca-west would be interesting to westdance:

| Greetings West Kingdom, from Viscountess Genevieve de Vendome, OL
| I am starting the "School for the Courtier." The idea behind the
| School is to create well-rounded Courtiers (i.e. 16th C personas).
| The original (primary?) target audience for the School are those in
| our rapier community that are interested in pursuing 16th C personas,
| but is open to anyone with a serious interest in the 16th C (and,
| ideally, a desire to incorporate this knowlege into their SCA
| experiance).
| Not only should 16th C gentlemen (and ladies, in our Enlightened SCA)
| be proficient at the blade, but they should also be able to play
| games (i.e. gamble), dance, write, entertain, and advise his/her
| companions and superiors when called upon to do so. I am willing to
| provide teachers and host classes on these and other relevant topics.
| I live in Livermore, CA, which is pretty easy to get to both from the
| greater SF Bay area and from greater Sacremento.
| If you are interested in participating in the School, you can sign up
| for our newly-created Yahoo Group called "CourtierSchool". This Yahoo
| group will be primarily for planning, discussing, and schedualling
| classes. However, we probably will post bibliographies and class
| notes in future as well.
| YIS,
| Genevieve

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