westdance: The passing of Sir Patri du Chat Gris

Greg Lindahl lindahl at pbm.com
Mon Feb 12 14:23:05 PST 2007

We have many dancer Carolingians living in the West, so I thought I'd
pass along this sad news.

-- Gregory

| I am very sorry indeed to have to inform you all of the passing of Sir
| Patri du Chat Gris, legendary dancer, dance researcher, dance teacher,
| teacher of dance teachers, and galliard artist extraordinaire.  (Also 2nd
| Baron of Carolingia, Master of the Laurel and Pelican, swordmaster, and
| many other things as well.)  He died the evening of Feb 11, having lived
| with liver cancer for some time, our loss is no less painful for being
| anticipated.
| Mara

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