westdance: dance practice tonight (Wednesday) in San Jose

Crystal A. Larsen xtalrock at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 3 12:56:59 PST 2007


Just a quick reminder in case there is anyone else out there
who's having trouble remembering what day it is (darn monday
holidays!). The Crosston/Westermark Dance practice is tonight in
San Jose. 


--- Matt Larsen <matt.larsen at certive.com> wrote:

> Hi All!
> I've gotten the dances for this years Crosston Ball whacked
> into a
> set list.  I've tried to sprinkle each set with some of
> everything,
> some easy, some hard, some 16th c. Italian, some ECD, etc.  If
> anyone
> sees any problems, though, please let me know.  It's not cast
> in
> stone yet!  And if I've left out your favorite dance in the
> final
> cut... well, I'm still open to pleading, I don't want anyone
> to
> miss their favorite. :-)  Look over the set list at the end of
> this
> email and let me have your feedback!
> Also, we need to consider which dances we're going to teach,
> and
> who will teach them.  We discussed this a tiny little bit last
> night, and the consensus seemed to be that we should do three
> classes
> of an hour and fifteen minutes each.  Given that, I'm inclined
> to do
> one class on 16th c. Italian, one on ECD and one on 15th c.
> Italian,
> in that order.  My vague thought was to teach Furioso
> all'Italiana
> in the 16th c. class, and I don't really have any agenda for
> the
> others.  What do people think?
> Geoffrey
> Set One
> Horses Bransel (couples as will, easy) 
> Gelosia (3 couples, easy) 
> Contentezza d'Amore (couples as will, hard) 
> Black Nag (3-4 couples, medium) 
> Rostiboli Gioioso (couples as will, medium) 
> Cuckolds all in a Row (sets of 2 couples, medium)
> Galliard (singles or couples as will, easy) 
> Set Two
> Rufty Tufty (2 couples, easy) 
> Anello (2 couples, medium) 
> Black Alman (couples as will, easy) 
> Gracca Amorosa (couples as will, hard) 
> Montarde Bransle (sets of 4 people, easy) 
> Contrapasso (3-4 couples, easy) 
> Set Three
> Leoncello (couples, medium) 
> Chestnut (3 couples, easy) 
> Furioso all'Italiana (sets of 3 couples, hard) 
> Queen's Alman (couples as will, medium) 
> Lauro (couples as will, medium) 
> Spanish Gypsy (4 couples, easy) 
> Pavan and galliard (couples as will, easy) 
> Set Four
> Petit Renise (triples as will, easy) 
> Grimstock (3 couples, medium) 
> Villanella (couples/triples as will, easy) 
> Dolce Amoroso Fuoco (3 couples, medium) 
> Boateman (3 couples, hard) 
> Jenny Pluck Pears (3-4 couples, easy) 

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