westdance: Set list for Crosston Ball

Matt Larsen matt.larsen at certive.com
Thu Dec 14 14:14:16 PST 2006

Hi All!

I've gotten the dances for this years Crosston Ball whacked into a
set list.  I've tried to sprinkle each set with some of everything,
some easy, some hard, some 16th c. Italian, some ECD, etc.  If anyone
sees any problems, though, please let me know.  It's not cast in
stone yet!  And if I've left out your favorite dance in the final
cut... well, I'm still open to pleading, I don't want anyone to
miss their favorite. :-)  Look over the set list at the end of this
email and let me have your feedback!

Also, we need to consider which dances we're going to teach, and
who will teach them.  We discussed this a tiny little bit last
night, and the consensus seemed to be that we should do three classes
of an hour and fifteen minutes each.  Given that, I'm inclined to do
one class on 16th c. Italian, one on ECD and one on 15th c. Italian,
in that order.  My vague thought was to teach Furioso all'Italiana
in the 16th c. class, and I don't really have any agenda for the
others.  What do people think?


Set One
Horses Bransel (couples as will, easy) 
Gelosia (3 couples, easy) 
Contentezza d'Amore (couples as will, hard) 
Black Nag (3-4 couples, medium) 
Rostiboli Gioioso (couples as will, medium) 
Cuckolds all in a Row (sets of 2 couples, medium)
Galliard (singles or couples as will, easy) 

Set Two
Rufty Tufty (2 couples, easy) 
Anello (2 couples, medium) 
Black Alman (couples as will, easy) 
Gracca Amorosa (couples as will, hard) 
Montarde Bransle (sets of 4 people, easy) 
Contrapasso (3-4 couples, easy) 

Set Three
Leoncello (couples, medium) 
Chestnut (3 couples, easy) 
Furioso all'Italiana (sets of 3 couples, hard) 
Queen's Alman (couples as will, medium) 
Lauro (couples as will, medium) 
Spanish Gypsy (4 couples, easy) 
Pavan and galliard (couples as will, easy) 

Set Four
Petit Renise (triples as will, easy) 
Grimstock (3 couples, medium) 
Villanella (couples/triples as will, easy) 
Dolce Amoroso Fuoco (3 couples, medium) 
Boateman (3 couples, hard) 
Jenny Pluck Pears (3-4 couples, easy) 

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