westdance: Pied d'Argent at Purgatorio

Matt Larsen matt.larsen at certive.com
Wed Aug 16 10:51:21 PDT 2006

Well, first off, I'm willing to play music for competition!

Second, on the subject of tokens, I think I heard recently that
the A&S ministers are looking for someone to cast some new tokens,
and I _thought_ that the Pied tokens were on that list.  If so,
I believe there may already be a mold for the tokens.  If 
Ysabella isn't in contact with the A&S ministers, it might be a
good thing to get them in touch with each other.  Of course, I
may just be misremembering something, too... :-)


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> Hello all, 
> As I may have mentioned to you, my brother is getting 
> married, and he's going to be visiting the same weekend as 
> Purgatorio - it's the only time he can get off of work.  
> We'll be in Vegas, so I won't be able to run the Pied 
> d'Argent.  Would anyone be willing to pick this one up?  It's 
> quite an easy task, as outlined below:
> If you plan to have it on Sunday: 
> 1)  Be sure to have an announcement made during the evening 
> court announcing both the dance (Montarde Bransle, pronounced
> "brawl") and where it will be (usually some place on the 
> listfield, at around 10am)
> 2)  Be sure to have an announcement made early in the 
> morning, as first or second shout, or both
> 3)  Be there with your CD or musician sharp to perform the 
> competition (take down people's names that want to compete)
> 4)  When the competition is finished, report the winner to 
> whoever is taking court business. 
> On another note, I have been trying desperately to give one 
> of the medallions to Ysabella so she can have it cast to make 
> more tokens, as we are out.  Geoffrey and Crystal generously 
> loaned me one, but I have been unable to find Ysabella to 
> give it to her.  Would someone be willing to take it to her, 
> or to someone who can get it to her at Purg?  We have been a 
> long time without medallions.
> - Vyncent 
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