westdance: June Crown Pied d'Argent - Stingo, Oyl of Barley

Francis Classe torlanswingmeister at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 22 00:21:32 PDT 2006

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to announce the June Crown Pied d'Argent
competition: Stingo, Oyl of Barley, and also possibly
make a plea for assistance.  Vittoria and I will need
to leave early on Sunday morning, so I've made
arrangements with Their Majesties to hold the Pied on
Saturday.  However, because of the uncertain nature of
the event schedule, this may not be possible.  So, I
was hoping that someone who is planning on staying
later in the afternoon on Sunday would be able and
willing to hold the competition if the schedule does
not allow it on Saturday.  I would be happy to teach
and practice, as well as provide the music on a CD, so
please do write me and let me know if you've some
interest...I would really like to have this base
covered.  Thank you very much! =)



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