westdance: dance list for the Crosston dance ball 21Jan06

Crystal A. Larsen xtalrock at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 9 13:23:14 PST 2005

For info about the ball please see the Crosston website:

Classes taught before the ball:
1pm - English Country Dance and an Alman by Na'arah bat Avraham
(Spanish Jeepsie, Grimstock, Black Nag, and Black Alman) 
2pm - 15th Century Italian Dance by Isabel d'Triana (Gelosia,
Amoroso, Rostiboli Gioso, Petit Renise)
3pm - 16th Century Italian Dance by Geoffrey Mathias
(Villanella, Chiranzana, Madame Sosilia's Alman)
4pm - English Country Dance and a Bransel by John Theophilus
(Horses Bransel, Rufty Tufty, Heart’s Ease and Jenny Pluck

Set one
Horses Bransel (couples as will, easy)
Villanella (couples/triples as will, easy)
Contentezza d'Amore (couples as will, hard)
Spanish Gypsy (4 couples, medium)
Gelosia (3 couples, easy)
Black Nag (3-4 couples, medium)

Set two
Rufty Tufty (2 couples, easy)
Gracca Amorosa (couples as will, medium)
Lauro (couples as will, medium)
Il Bianco Fiore (2 couples, hard)
Black Alman (couples as will, easy)
Contrapasso (3-4 couples, easy)

Set three
Chiranzana with Shilta (couples as will, easy)

Set four
Pavan and galliard (couples as will, easy)
Amoroso (couples as will, medium)
Speccio (couples as will, hard)
Danse de cleves (couples as will, medium) 
Fiamma d'Amore (couples as will, medium)
Stingo/Oil of barley (3 couples, medium)

Set five
Hearts Ease (2 couples, easy)
Rostiboli Gioso (couples as will, medium)
Chestnut (3 couples, medium)
Grimstock (3 couples, medium)
Petit Renise (triples as will, easy)
Jenny Pluck Pears (3-4 couples, easy)

If there is more time we will try to fit these dances in between
Madame Sosilia's Alman (couples as will, medium)
Boateman (3 couples, hard)
Maltese Bransel (persons as will, medium)
Fain I would (4 couples, medium)
Picking up Sticks (3 couples, hard)
Hyde Park (4 couples, medium)

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