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Hey all,

If you can, please come by the A&S tent on Sunday morning and
dance. I have no idea exactly what time we're supposed to be
there, so please keep and ear out for the herald's shout.


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Now with More Action!

Yes, once again, there will be an Artisans' Display in the A&S
Pavilion at October Crown, Sunday morning from 10:00 a.m. to

Artisans, please enter your works and works-in-progress! Come
hob-nob, kibitz and generally schmooze with other artists and

And, new for October Crown, I'd like people to come out and
demonstrate their arts! Textile workers, painters, dancers,
cooks -- if you can demo your skills at a camping event, please
bring it along! (Caution -- this display is limited
to two hours on Sunday morning. If your demo involves setting
things on fire, please be aware of the site and time

Everybody else, please come and see the wide variety of skills
our Kingdom has to offer. Come talk with the artisans, and learn
a new skill, or just get inspiration for a new project!

As usual, please contact me (rose @ santiagosmagic . com) if
you'd like to display something, so I can make sure there's
enough room for everybody.
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