westdance: Re: READ THIS ONE _Palo Alto_/ 3rd Wednesday / SCA dance practice

Crystal A. Larsen xtalrock at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 15 16:07:13 PDT 2005

One small clarification, we'll dance at the demo, and when the
demo is over, we can go to the usual menlo park practice place
to dance a bit more and change clothes.  Then out to dinner as
usual for the 2nd-4th Wednesdays.

If you need directions from the demo site to 116 O'Keefe St in
Menlo Park please ask.


--- "Crystal A. Larsen" <xtalrock at yahoo.com> wrote:
> This week dance practice will be moving to the Palo Alto
> Children's Library (link with map,
> http://www.city.palo-alto.ca.us/library/about/children.html)
> for
> the Youth Reading Program demo. There is not much parking at
> the
> library itself, but it is right next to the Lucie Stern
> Community Center which has a moderatly-sized lot. For details
> about the demo, please see Francisco Acero's email below.
> Please
> wear garb, and bring a medieval art project if you can. 
> --- Francisco Acero <kflores at pahl-gosselin.com> wrote:
> >  Want to dance?  Feel like showing off your projects?  
> > Looking for a chance to fight?  Like talking about the SCA? 
> > Luckily enough, we've got something for you! <grin>  On 
> > August 17th we're holding a demo for the Palo Alto Library's
> > youth summer reading program!  It runs from 7:00 pm
> > to about 7:45 pm at the amphitheater behind the 
> > Children's Library at 1276 Harriet Street, Palo Alto.  
> > We're hoping to get people there by 6:30 to have time to 
> > organize.  We're looking for fighters, dancers, A&S
> > displays and people willing to explain them, and general
> > support!  Come out, have fun, help teach kids about the 
> > Middle Ages and the SCA!  If you want more information or 
> > just want to let me know you're coming (cuts down on anxiety
> > if we know we've got people coming), feel free to
> > contact me [Leonor La Obstinada, leonorlaobstinada at 
> > sbcglobal dot net ] or Francisco [Francisco Acero kflores at
> > pahl-gosselin dot com]...
> > Thank you! 

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