westdance: Renaissance instructor wanted for Dance Sampler at CCSF

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Wed Aug 3 15:10:48 PDT 2005

The big problem with the timing is that it's October Crown weekend. 
And Crown is in Sebastopol.  


--- Cin <cinbarnes at gmail.com> wrote:

> This from Scott (of Friday Night Waltz fame):
> "Gail Barton, Dance Division Chairperson of City College San
> Francisco,
> and I are putting on a Dance Sampler at CCSF on Sunday October 2.
> This
> is mostly for CCSF students."
> To which I replied:
> "There's a big dance practice tonite.  I shall inquire. FYI, the Renn
> is a long period of time, nearly 2 centuries, and spans an entire
> continent.  Dances can be folksy, promenade-like or court formal &
> fussy. It is impossible to cover *all* in an hour."
> You'd be teaching in such august company as the Gail Barton & the
> dance department.  Talk to me tonite if interested & available.  I
> will have more info this evening, but not everything. See you at
> dance
> practice!
> --cin
> Cynthia Barnes
> CinBarnes at gmail.com
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