westdance: what's the difference between easy and intermediate ECD?

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Mon Jun 27 11:11:04 PDT 2005

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> If ECD is open, I can take it, or maybe do some branles (I am
> so in love with my Wolgemut CDs! *g*) . 

If you would do either, I will teach Easy Italian instead. 

> Though, er, what's the difference between easy and
> intermediate ECD? 

To me, and perhaps only to me, the difference between easy and
intermediate dances is how often any section of it repeats. 
I consider Rufty Tufty an easy dance because it follows the
standard verse configuration (Up&Back, Siding, Arming) and the
choruses are the same each time. Hearts Ease, Hit And Misse,
Upon a Summer's Day, Jenny Pluck Pears; are all in the easy
I consider Cuckholds All In A Row to be an intermediate dance,
because while the verses are stanard, the chourses change every
time. Glory of the West, Hyde Park, Black Nag, Chestnut,
Boateman, Gatherine Peasods, Mayden Lane, The Night Peece,
Grimstock; are all in the intermediate category.
I consider Dull Sir John an advanced/difficult dance because the
verses and the choruses are all different. Newcastle, Fain I
Would; are all in the advanced category.
There is also a second category of advanced/difficult ECDs,
these are ones I consider difficult because of the complexity of
the figures. These might include Parson's Farewell, Mage on a
Cree, Picking of Sticks, Shepard's Holyday. 

my two pence,

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