westdance: Re: Dolce at Performing Arts Fete August 6th

Larsen, Matt matt.larsen at certive.com
Fri Jun 10 12:44:51 PDT 2005

> > What do *I* want?  You already know: A volta.  I will have
> > the perfect volta dress with a real busk for proper partner 
> > tossing. --cin 
> Volta?  Volta???  Boring!  It's just the same thing over and 
> over!  Like watching someone galliard through a whole piece 
> with just the 5-step!  Boring!  The only real interest is 
> "will he rip her out of her dress by accident" or "hey, maybe 
> her boobs will fall out with all the bouncing!".
> :-) (lots of :-))

P.S. Hmmm...  Maybe I _will_ have to teach galliards... :-)

G. (feeling evil today)

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