westdance: Performing Arts Fete August 6th

Rachael Keish rachael.keish at gmail.com
Tue Jun 7 10:51:59 PDT 2005

Hello all - 
We have 8 weeks (9 dance prcatices) to get ready for the Arts Fete!  I
would like to invite everyone to comment on the draft dance set list&
schedule (below) which I'll also bring to practice Wednesday.

If you can teach any of the below (or added) dances during the
12:00-3:30 portion of the day, please let me know!

For Performance dances/demos, we proposed to have ~15-20 minutes of
Western European dancing as follows:
1) Advanced group dance (which one?)
2) Beginner group dance (Spanish Gypsy, Na' arah)
3) Couple Western European demo dance (Speccio, Vyncent & Elena)
4) Adv & Beg together (Intermediate) group dance (which one?)

Followed by a Middle Eastern dance demo (~10-15 minutes, with clearly
defined dances that you don't see around the camp fire at events :-)

Please let me know your thoughts!
:-), Marguerite
Teach selected dances: noon-3:30 (teaching in order that they'll be danced)

First Dance Set
Horses Bransel
Rufty Tufty
Black Alman
Stingo / Oyl of Barley

Break for Choir Performance

Second Dance Set
Dull Sir John
Contentezza d'Amore
Jenny Pluck Pears
Lorayne Alman

Break for Bella Luna Caravan Performance

Third Dance Set
Hearts Ease
Petit Riens
Cuckholds all in a Row

Break for Presentation Dances:  Western European and Middle Eastern

Dances to do if time allows:
Fiamma d'Amore
Black Nag

Site Cleanup: 9:00 pm, Hall closes at 10:00

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