westdance: Collegium: what do people want?

Larsen, Matt matt.larsen at certive.com
Wed Feb 23 11:01:58 PST 2005

> 	I am willing to teach, but keep forgetting to ask you 
> and the others who has volunteered to teach what.  I would 
> like to fill in missing genres, and such, but to do that I 
> need to know what others are doing.  Since we don't have a 
> designee for track coordinator (and we only expect around 
> five classes) we could just post to this list. Now that I 
> have the mud out of my brain from Estrella, I could send in a 
> class proposal for Collegium...

Ah, good question!  I signed up to teach something 16th c. (I
think Gracca, but I'll have to check), but I also told Asclin
that I'm willing to teach something else if there are others
who really want to do that.  

I'm not sure what Vyncent is going to teach, but you might think 
about something 15th c., or possibly some bransles.  We haven't 
taught them (bransles) much in the last several years, at least 
not at Collegium/A&S.  Or if you want to do 16th c., I'd be happy
to do bransles or something 15th c.


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