westdance: Collegium: what do people want?

Greg Lindahl lindahl at pbm.com
Tue Feb 22 14:41:14 PST 2005

> Would you be interested in teaching...  I forget the name of the
> dance, but it's 16th c. for three couples.

Dolce Amoroso Fuoco? Sure, I'll teach it. In this long of a period
there's actually time to teach the real Men's solo. So even if you've
seen the dance before, there will be new material.

> Btw, for the rest of the Westdance list, I've been exchanging some
> email with Asclin (the Collegium Chancellor), and so far only
> Vyncent and myself have signed up to teach dance.

She has a dance track listed, but doesn't seem to have instigated a
track coordinator. I also wrote her, asking about space during/after
the feast to dance. No reply yet. No idea what the class deadline is.

We ought to be able to fill a track (5 classes) pretty easily.

-- Gregory

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