westdance: Collegium: what do people want?

Larsen, Matt matt.larsen at certive.com
Tue Feb 22 14:17:40 PST 2005

Would you be interested in teaching...  I forget the name of the
dance, but it's 16th c. for three couples.  You taught it some
when you moved out here, but we haven't kept it up.  I've been
thinking it would be good to bring it back, and this might be a
good chance to get it started.

Btw, for the rest of the Westdance list, I've been exchanging some
email with Asclin (the Collegium Chancellor), and so far only
Vyncent and myself have signed up to teach dance.  I told her I'd
remind people and see if anyone else could be convinced to teach.
Obviously Gregory is already making plans...  anyone else? <hint,
hint> :-)

It would be good to have a full track, if we can muster a few more


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> Is there any particular class that people would like to see 
> at Collegium?
> -- Gregory
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