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Francis Classe torlanswingmeister at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 22 13:41:05 PST 2004

Greetings, all!

As the time for the dance ball fast approaches, I
would like to have a set of callers prepared for the
dances that we wish to do.  I know most of us can
help, so please don't hesitate to write me and let me
know that you wish to call!  Enclosed is a copy of the
dance ball set list for this year.  Pick a few dances
and please write me back with the ones you'd like to
call.  Thanks very much!


Set 1
Horses Bransle	Couples as will, long	Arbeau
Contrapasso	6-8, round	16th Italian
Rufty Tufty	4, square	ECD
Amoroso	Couples as will	15th Italian
Cuckholds all a Row	4, square	ECD

Set 2
Black Alman 	Couples as will, proc.	Inns
Dull Sir John	8, square	ECD
Danse de Cleves	Couples as will	Basse
Contentezza d’Amore	Couples as will	16th Italian
Black Nag	6, long	ECD

Set 3
Candlestick Bransle	Couples as will	Arbeau
Petite Renise	Triples as will	15th Italian
Chestnut	6, long	ECD
Pinwheel (Lorayne)	As will	Inns
Galliards	As will	16th Italian
ITP: Grimstock	6, long	ECD

Set 4
Villanella	Couples as will	16th Italian
Madam Sosilia Alman	Couples as will, long	Inns
Stingo, Oyl of Barley	6, long	ECD
Gracca Amorosa	Couples as will	16th Italian
Geloxia	6, long	15th Italian
ITP: Charlotte Bransle	Circle as will	Arbeau

Set 5
Boateman	6, long	ECD
Lauro	Couples as will	Basse
Fiamma d’Amore	Couples as will	16th Italian
Jenny Pluck Pears	6, round	ECD
Washerwoman Bransle	Circle as will	Arbeau
ITP: Bianca Fiore	4, square	16th Italian

Further Requests if Time allows.  ITP means “If Time

10am – 12pm:  Hall Setup
12pm – 1pm :  Lunch
1pm – 2pm:    English Country =>  Crystal
2pm – 3pm:   15th Century Italian =>  Vyncent
3pm – 4pm:  16th Century Italian =>  Cin
4pm – 5pm:  Almans and Bransles => Geoffrey
5pm – 6pm: Dinner
6pm – 10pm: Dancing!

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