westdance: bonus dance annoucment -- SCA Dance practice tonight in Menlo Park

Crystal A. Larsen xtalrock at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 8 12:25:53 PST 2004

Howdy all,

Dance as usual tonight, but this Friday is an opportunity to
learn (or brush up on) the Bohemian National Polka. Even though
it's out of SCA period, it's so muh fun we've taught it at
Wednesday Practice once or twice in the past few years... it's
the choreography with all the pivots. It's done to music that
has a fire bell in it. :)

Joan Walton's one of my favorite dance teachers, she's very
accessible to beginners. 

-----------fwd message below-----------

The next Friday Night Waltz is THIS Friday, December 10th
due to use of the hall by the First United Methodist Church, we 
moved our regularly scheduled dance to the second FRIDAY of  the
month, December 10th.

.First United Methodist Church, 635 Hamilton Ave., Palo Alto, 
....ok to park in the church parking lot.
.....huuuge parking garage 1 block away on cowper/university.
.....one block off University and Middlefield, downtown Palo
......Joan Walton is teaching and DJ'ing again for us. we hope
to have some Holiday music to cheer everyone.
 ........basic waltz introductory classes downstairs by Tom Hill
at 7 pm and 8pm 

Joan Walton teaching
7pm Beginning Class - Polka with variations
..8pm Intermediate Class - Bohemian National Polka! We have not
had the BNP taught in Palo Alto for over 2 years!. .DJ Waltz
Music from 9 pm to 12 midnight.

...regular dances are $11 for both the classes and the dance
....$7 for just the dance 
......no partner necessary
........all ages
..........casual comfortable attire
.............no partner necessary

There is a very large FREE covered parking garage one block on
University X Cowper x Hamilton X Webster



Friday Night Waltz is an evening of high speed, and slow and
gentle waltzes, along with a sprinkling of other dances. Friday
Night Waltz is am evening of  high energy waltzes and polkas
along with other dances like one step, swing, and tango. People
are friendly, and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming 

We teach and dance all kinds of waltzes, and we teach at all
levels, from newcomer to advanced. Check the schedule for
classes being offered.
website:  http://www.fridaynightwaltz.com

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