westdance: Fwd: [sca-west] Re: music that at least has a period feel to it

Lynn Meyer lmeyer at netbox.com
Sun May 9 19:20:31 PDT 2004

Despite the Subject, the CD mentioned below
sounds like it has potential...  I quote,
"It includes eight dances from the recently rediscovered
'Gresley' manuscript (England c.1500)"
which I've heard people mentioning at dance practice
a few times.  And a variety of other dances.

It comes with a booklet of steps and the music from
the original sources, too.


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>Subject: [sca-west] Re: music that at least has a period  feel to it
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> > Would some one please tell me where I can find these CDs?
> > Finna
>Some freinds of mine in Drachenwald put out a CD of dance music, with
>an accompaning (bleah, spelling!) dance booklet.  More information may
>be found at http://www.btinternet.com/~gaita .  Additionally, you may
>contact me privatly as I have a few spare copies...

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